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  1. flybel's post in keine Schnellaufträge?! Arcade-Server was marked as the answer   
    Erstmal Willkommen im Forum!
    Schnelle Aufträge funktionieren im Multiplayer nicht. Am besten spielst du zunächst im Singleplayer, bis du dir einen LKW (am besten schuldenfrei) kaufen kannst.
    Allgemein wird die Zeit im Spiel immer mit dem Server synchronisiert, also auch wenn du offline gehst können nicht abgeschlossene Aufträge überfällig werden. Diese Synchronisierung findet aber erst beim Fahren statt, deshalb solltest du einen eigenen LKW besitzen.
  2. flybel's post in No jobs caused by no fatigue bug (cant sleep , Economy reset doesnt work was marked as the answer   
    That is completely normal. If you sleep a couple of times in multiplayer, you won't be able to sleep again until you play a bit in single player. Economy reset is inconvenient if you have to use it a lot.
    Therefore I recommend you simply fast travel every time you connect to multiplayer. Alternatively, try something like Virtual Speditor to manually create jobs or use WoTr jobs.
    Besides, you can also visit companies directly and find jobs that are not visible on the map. That would not require you to do anything like fast travel etc.
    You need to do this every time you have been offline from multiplayer for 1-2 hours or longer. That is because time in multiplayer advances while the time in your profile is frozen, and as you connect to multiplayer, your profile's time is synced with the servers, thus all the jobs in your profile which normally expire after some hours of ingame-time will expire and no new jobs appear because you jump to a specific point in game time.
  3. flybel's post in No Steam Overlay was marked as the answer   
    The post you mentioned was mine, and I have no idea why it got deleted.
    As you say OpenGL 64bit works with the Steam overlay, could you now confirm that this works in multiplayer when you use OpenGL too? If not, we would look at two separate issues here.
    In case it works, you have at least one working solution.
    TruckersMP should always use the renderer you used last time you played, meaning if you last played the OpenGL version it should automatically launch using OpenGL again.
    If that is not the case, try adding -rdevice gl or something similar to the path of your TruckerMP game.
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