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  1. about to go trucking and record it for youtube

  2. just finshed doing a job in ATS went  from bakersfield to winnemucca to elko back to bakersfield on one tank of gas filled up in bakersfield after that 584 dollars in a peterbuilt 

  3. Is there anyway to see other peoples ban appeals 

    1. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      No, players do not have access to the ban appeals or the list of reports.

    2. SprinterFS


      ^ Exception: You can still see their appeal if they don't read the rules and complain on forums.

      (not joke

  4. check your ban appeals u banned me i never did anything wrong u banned the wrong person check the video steam name is not flappingums its florin_paun25 or something

  5. plz people stop complaining about the speed limiters. loving the game great job ets2mp team
  6. just go watch squirrel on youtube he has a video on how to get into ets2mp
  7. that's cool I think a black list would be cool
  8. going to bed then getting up to play ets2 mp

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