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  1. Hey All, firstly apologise if this is the wrong section, most were grayed out!? I have 2 related issues, firstly when I hit the tab button my frames plummet from 60 (Vsync) to around 30, this is particularly noticeable for anyone behind me who suddenly get a face full of my trailer. I am told this is known issue but wanted to add it to my second and biggest issue. I found tonight that my GPU (GTX 1080 Founders) was sitting over 90% most of the game, this became more noticeable during my stream when anything else happened such as a follow...etc. Before we go down the "your streaming is the cause" route, I have 2 GPU's, main one 1080 is for gaming and screens, the second 1070 is dedicated to streaming and was sitting at around 8% all night for streaming. My game setting are mainly high but I can run other much more demanding games in Ultra with out a hickup so not sure why TruckersMP is eating up my 1080, tested in single player and average around 50% GPU even in the same profile / location / truck...etc so defo a MP issue. The Tab menu bug is a bug but the GPU maxed out is a massive issue, has anyone else got this or found similar since the update? Cheers Deady
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