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  1. Anyway, congratulations on your problem solved😍

  2. thank you for following me 😁

    1. [TCS-VTC]*002*Gao Han

      [TCS-VTC]*002*Gao Han

      thank you for following me 😆

  3. But that's basically deleting my profile that I've been using for alot of time now. On the good side, the crashing only occurs when I try to switch profiles now, where it doesn't bother me too much. Lets say that it has been "solved"
  4. hello Evalyn Which "archive" are you talking about?
  5. hello friends, I accidentaly said that it worked, but it still crashing. I am sorry if you thought it was working because I immediately confirmed on the first try it was running perfectly with no crashes. again I apologise. i will edit again to see if the other solutions work.
  6. Hi friends, my problem is in the title, but whenever I try to get a job or change profiles I always crash with this message occasionally: This error only occurs on TruckersMP version 1.41, and not in single player neither in 1.40. any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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