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  1. I enjoy being in a VTC but not necessarily driving in every VTC convoy available. So I suppose I enjoy both.
  2. Raketaz

    Book of promises

    I promise to encourage my Renault more to make it up the hill. "Get up there Renault, you can make it!"
  3. Another dislike of mine is when people decide to have a race! Not away from you though. Oh no. Towards you on the wrong side. I feel like I'm in NFS or GTA when that happens. "OH MY GOD. lights? There shouldn't be lights coming towards me.. WHAT trucks on the wrong side. Well this is gunna be fun" said rather sarcastically. I bet though if none of these things happened, we'd be missing them lol. It's really kind of ironic. We hate them yet if they vanished completely after a while we'd miss the craziness.
  4. I love this idea, it would be helpful if you were away for a minute or so to make a coffee parked up somewhere safe and you could have a warning before you got kicked.
  5. Raketaz

    GPS Dot Updates

    Although it's a well thought out suggestion I don't think we need any of those. It's fine how it is.
  6. Dodgems? Try trucker tag. Only in this game no one wants to be it lol
  7. Congrats, that is a great achievement for the mod. Long may it continue.
  8. In my trusty Renault: "I can make it!" Few seconds later.. "I still can make it". After the corner... Going, going, still going... Gone. Moral of the story - I couldn't make it, gravity won. https://youtu.be/tTRibxEOSjU
  9. When your happily driving along and everything is great then suddenly that player who was in front of you slams on the brakes out of no where and you have to do some brake slamming yourself and hope you stop in time. "Oh (swear word). Stop.. STOP TRUCK STOP"
  10. I use it currently because I like having winter. But next year I think they should get a more realistic one as in more realistic snow effect.
  11. I think i'm going to stick with ETS2 for now
  12. I've never had a hybrid. I might have to look more into this, could be useful for Renaults.
  13. Glad you enjoy it here and hope to see you again when your ban is over
  14. Raketaz

    Best Truck?

    Mainly Renault's for me.
  15. I use them only when needed and if I notice a truck on the opposite side I turn them off until they have passed.
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