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  1. The city's freight market does not show the goods, and it is necessary to go to the freight station before receiving the goods. I point out that the cities in the screening area do not show the freight market, and I can remove the screening, but the origin is different, the screening point does not show the freight market, but also go to the cargo site to pick up the goods, this is not a BUG problem, I have seen this problem many times, is it my archiving problem or game problem, whether it can solve the cargo that is not shown? Market issues. The following pictures are written in the following words: the task that meets the screening criteria cannot be found. 无法找到符合筛选条件的任务=the task that meets the screening criteria cannot be found.
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    About interior DLC problem

    After I installed the interior DLC, some play cards, and some do not card, please team staff to optimize the interior, the card will be installed. So call team to optimize.
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    Ban appeal - Clarkinator

    Your in game name while banned:[sK] - TeR*KongCheng Why you should be unbanned? Don't know why I find problems under the title of administrator. Screenshot/video (if applicable):http://www.twitch.tv...wn253/c/6631329 Question: I 5.2 how ah, I was closed permanently, but I did not see the video ah, Is it right? Administrator to sealthe wrong person. If it is correct then please mytitle problem administrator said to. Can I ask your administrator to help me correct my administrator if so thank you.