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    Truck Simulator: Extreme Trucking

  2. Hi BoSsik2 Hello, congratulations on your promotion to the translation team manager, I am very happy to meet you, there is still a question I don't know if you agree to join the steam friend, my ID is like.

    1. BoSsik2


      Thank you :wub:

  3. Like.

    hi,Hello, XCE, I am very happy to meet you, my steam plus your friends, do you agree, my ID is like.

  4. hi,Hello, XCE, I am very happy to meet you, my steam plus your friends, do you agree, my ID is like.

  5. Hey, hello, does Subtle add a friend to Steam? Congratulations on your promotion.

  6. I haven't tried this yet. I'll try it later. Thank you.
  7. Some people said in the forum before, this sentence I know now, I do not know the forum personnel have said this sentence before, I did not pay attention to the issue of looking at the forum.
  8. The problem with this feedback is that I didn't reply in time half a month ago, and then I applied for new feedback. After waiting for half a month now, why didn't the administrator reply? Is it not handled or not?
  9. This question seems to have been tried, and it feels useless.
  10. Go to the maintenance station and reset it for a try?
  11. I don't know what Trailer it is. I don't know why.
  12. What's the reason for this problem? It's OK for me to change other trucks. Only one new Scandinavian truck has it. And all my accessories are original, not mod. I've never installed mod once. I can't see why. All the accessories are original. First of all, let me emphasize. First, all trucks are original parts. Second, no mod is installed. Third, I don't understand why trucks are the cause.
  13. There is no use for any operation. Yesterday afternoon or evening can be entered, and now there are 500 more.
  14. What do you mean? The answer is no answer, where to solve.