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      [GökBörü] m3rcyftw

      Youre welcome, have a nice day ^^

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  3. New Real Operations on American Truck Simulator in 7 days! Sooo hype :DDDDDD Thank you so much!
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  8. 460HP Renault T High Sleeper I used every plastic parts available on this truck. I changed the wheels and also I upgraded it with the Evolution Pack. I hope it's gonna be good like this!
  9. Interesting rework. I saw some great features like the road reskin, some new signs and also to see whats gonna looks like the new Trameri! Hopefully we will be able to play it this autumn with the new 2021 DAF XF!
  10. Thank you for the follow The Best Dabbing Community Manager! 💙

  11. I love DAF because they made one of the best truck (who is the DAF XF) but I'm always using the Scania 2016 on TruckersMP because mine is really cool!
  12. After a few jobs registered with the brand new TruckersMP Job Dispatcher, I can definetely say than it's very good! It's very easy to use, any players can use easily without install many things and load/save everytime The principe of need to explore a city before register a job is really realistic (annoying sometimes because there is many cities than I didn't explored and specially in Spain ) but it's really cool ^-^ Be able to use each trailer you want easily by see a picture of it is amazing, I love it! I'm hype about the cargo market and also hype for the future of TruckersMP! You guys make a really really good job, thank you so much
  13. Thank you for the follow! 💙

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