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  1. Thanks for the follow ❤️

  2. June already 👀

  3. Starting work on Monday!!!

    1. James



    2. Fl1xmeister


      Cheers James!

  4. Happy Easter everyone! 🐇🥚

  5. How's everyone doing? Here in the UK it's getting warmer and sunny :)))

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    2. Fl1xmeister


      Not bad! :). Have the next 2 weeks off of College and going on holiday ;).

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      nice have a great holiday :HaulieExcited:

    4. Fl1xmeister


      Thanks Killua, I did indeed 🙂

  6. Thanks for the follow everyone!! ❤️

  7. Thanks for the follow @m3rcyftw

  8. College back on Wednesday for most people 😄

  9. Happy New Year to you and all of your families! Enjoy the holidays to the full extent.
  10. Happy New Year!


  11. Hi Slowie!

    1. Fl1xmeister


      Happy New Year!

    2. Slow1357


      Hey there! 👋

  12. Happy New Year everyone!
    Enjoy the holidays with family and have a great 2022

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    2. Fl1xmeister


      Thanks guys, Wish you the best for 2022

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. Fl1xmeister


      Thank you Killua, You too!

  13. Thank you @Gani.
    Happy Holidays

    1. Gani.


      No problem, Happy holidays! 🥰

  14. How is everyones Thursday? Are we all looking forward to New Year and 2022?
    I'm pretty excited to what it has to bring 🙂

  15. Alright, At this point I can only recommend what has been said above, Check your graphics drivers and make sure that they are all fine. If they are not a missing or outdated driver can cause your computer to not be compatible with DX11 and when you attempt to launch a game via DX11 or such it will crash or not open properly. Waiting for your reply Fl1xmeister
  16. Hiya! Make sure that you have the correct settings on all Graphics Settings( You are playing Ultra so I'll guess your PC can handle it well). Try increasing your 'Scaling' percentage to max(highest), If that setting is low things will appear blurry. Hope that helps! Regards, Fl1xmeister
  17. Hi Alex! The line that says model/flare makes me believe that you might have some shaders/textures/models such as BetterFlares that could be causing your game to crash as DX11 can not load it. I'd recommend you to go into your documents and empty the mod folder(also removing all addons from steam) and try to launch the game and after that we will see if that fixes it. If not I and others will be here to help and respond to you to carry out further diagnostics and assist you to get you back on the road! Regards Fl1xmeister
  18. Hi, If you are talking about the map you can open by the menu or clicking 'M', you will not be able to see the players on there. Players are seen with the Tab menu when you within about 800m with them and shows up on the map and minimap around 200-300 meters. Hope that answers your question. Best Wishes, Fl1xmeister
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