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  1. I wish they change the speed from 110 to 120 which feels good
  2. I don't like players to overtake in any convoys. Also, I have seen a few people blowing their air horns when vtc halts for a sec due to some other reasons
  3. 72 mods are not a small number. They are doing their work. But, even Mods have the freedom to explore the map,etc
  4. Where is the bus bro
  5. TruckersMp team is doing a great job in bringing many events, etc. I feel like the staff is lacking in tickets and reports. I would rate 8 out of 10
  6. It's a very big loss to your #bestcommunityever. He is a very good person. We love you cheese. #RIPSPEEDYTMP. WE MISS YOU @SpeedyTMP
  7. Hello guys, A few days ago I wrote a blog asking #Bestcommunityever about the best tires that give you a maximum grip on the road, most of the people commented to use Michelin tires over good year. I just wanted to know what are the pros that you feel about Michelin tires over a good year. Pros:- ( from my point of view) 1. Michelin tires offer good road grip even without any trailer in the off-road areas. 2. It helps me to get a better range than the good year tyres 3. The cost of maintenance of the tyres(tyre damage) is very less
  8. The song I used to listen is hynm for the weekend by coldplay
  9. It is wonderful during the sun rise and sunset times with great scenery including the White snow Mountain. At night it's a bit difficult coz at turns there are no reflectors and few people are follen down from the mountain.
  10. I requested tmp staff to bring an option to turn off them on our PC. Similar to the option of secondary vehicle lights in setting
  11. It's a very good doc to encourage players to drive the Renault T model trucks. after adding all the addons it felt like I am in a new truck released into ets 2. I wish they also update the pack for other trucks too
  12. I like the cd route coz I can meet new players and enjoy chatting/cracking jokes parked in and around the fuel stations and also the views.
  13. Hey scs software, I just wanted to say thank you to the people working every day for ets 2 and ats by bringing new features/flc and many more
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