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  1. I remember two songs 1) hymn for the weekend by cold play 2) see you again from fast and furious 7 (miss Paul Walker)
  2. I just wanna report a small bug/glitch The one and the only problem I noticed is that, after connecting to any of the tmp servers and clicking on the truck dealer and selecting the visit truck dealer and after that the game crashes
  3. Hello guys, I am writing this blog coz I wanted to know the best tires to use in the game to get the best grip in promods. Pls suggest to me the best tires I can use to get the best grip without any trailers. Note : including dlcs
  4. Thanks for the guide. Until today, I USD to stop any side of the road without blocking and disturbing traffic
  5. Yes. It would be a wonderful addon. I requested scs to bring another feature to give us an option to adjust the headlights
  6. Yes, but I go to promote the server very less coz, I don't like few roads
  7. I would prefer thrust master t248 coz it has great features or go for g29 which I use right now
  8. I watched 4 movies till now 1. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 2. Spiderman no way home 3. KGf 2 (Indian movie) 4. RRR (Indian movie)
  9. I usually drive in cd and death road on prompts. But I am waiting for 1.44 release and tmp support
  10. Only, one line "Great and good people" because of them I completed 11 months here
  11. I love playing with people around the world and tmp allied people to enjoy trucking with people around the world
  12. I use every trailer given in the game (including doc). But I often use the black trailers
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