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  1. I think ? the intersection needs to be changed. It is very difficult to turn a long low bed while having huge traffic
  2. I had faced some of the worst situations with So it's in truckersmp. I would request truckersmp to reduce the acceleration of the cars
  3. I would say yes. I have been driving in truckersmp promods region in American truck simulator with a cascading and a double refer trailer and I have a good experience and fun play both together
  4. Hello guys, Finally, scs software has released a few developments updates for the new MAN TGX 2020 from #Bestcommunityever. Even though scs software has plenty of work that should be done for the final release. I will be attaching a few photos teased by scs software. Hope, scs releases the truck in the next update.
  5. Hello everyone, It's been a while since the blue bus was released into truckersMP. During the release of the bus, we had 50 routes which everyone thought it is more than enough. But, after a few weeks, we started to realize that we need more new routes to cover different areas, countries, and roads. I suggest Truckersmp release more routes into the game covering Finland and a little bit of Russia that is currently in the game. Also, we would request TruckersMp and dbus client to bring compatibility with the promotes and truckersMp covering the countries like Ukraine ,etc
  6. I use the krone trailers since I feel they are lighter than any other brands
  7. I like the Volvo fh 16 since it has a good aero dynamics, better range, low engine noise to the can and last and final Volvo Fan Boy
  8. Hello everyone, Its been a year since I am in this huge community. In this 1 year time span I have seen many players using a Scania 730 even though we have more power full engine in Volvo with a max HP of 750. Even i have driven the Scania 730 and Volvo 750 for about 10k km each and I found that the volvo engine is more better than a scania engine .
  9. Hello everyone, Today we are gonna talking about the few changes that can be made for the new volvo truck that is gonna be releasing in next updates> 1. The instrument cluster many be changed and can be same the one that we saw in cascadia and western star truck. 2. The design may be changed at the end of the cab by removing the ultra wind deflectors during the starting stages or with the first update. 3. There is a small chance of not proving a new gear boxes that are coming without the retartders.
  10. hello Everyone, i would request @SCS software to bring all the new truck models and a new truck company called ford with
  11. i wanted to ask the addon team. Quetion : pls modify the intersection at duisberg that is very tight to turn low loaders ,HCT, Triple trailers
  12. moderators are always gave thir best to help the new and returing players to have a happy and enjoyable game
  13. I wish they change the speed from 110 to 120 which feels good
  14. I don't like players to overtake in any convoys. Also, I have seen a few people blowing their air horns when vtc halts for a sec due to some other reasons
  15. 72 mods are not a small number. They are doing their work. But, even Mods have the freedom to explore the map,etc
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