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  1. Hi, @OldManOnline and I called the Gdata support again and asked to check the files and links. It was then determined that the virus message is a "false positive". Now it should be playable or downloadable again with Gdata without a virus message. I have tested it. Please don´t forget to set the firewall exceptions back to normal. @Leonus.SLTus Have you tried to reinstall the luncher completely?
  2. Hi, i haved the same problem yesterday. i have reinstall the Luncher but this time the Antivirussoftware says that the File what i´m downloading from "http://download.ets2mp.com/files/core_atsmp.dll" and "http://download.ets2mp.com/files/core_ets2mp.dll" is infected. I have Called the Support of G Data. And the Supporter says that: "before a file or a programm can run on the system the Antivirus chek the program or file and that means the virus is not on my system, but the Virus is in the Download what the luncher has started". And Yes i have downloded the Luncher on TruckersMP (Version And dissabel the Antivirussoftware is a bad idea so like my english( sorry i use google).Has it been proven ther is not a Virus? Pleas don´t miss understood me i love TruckersMP. I hope we find it.
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