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  1. Thanks for the follow! ?

  2. Of course! You have to use them to indicate to other players in which direction we are going to go.
  3. Howdy @ShastaKovich , In SP you do have some options such as "Virtual Speditor" or the dispatcher of "Trucksbook" Best regards, White
  4. Thank you very much for your follow! ?


    1. Pauitø.


      You're welcome!

  5. Pauitø.

    Rule §1.6

    Howdy Bean, First of all, I am just a simple user, but I will try to help you with your question. Anyway you can open a ticket via modmail in the TruckersMP discord. Regarding the questions about the profile picture, I don't think anything will happen if two people have the same picture taken from the internet, as long as one doesn't contain the same name and descriptions of the other. But in the case of having a custom logo of another user, that rule §1.6 could intervene. Regarding the user name, I don't think anything will happen if two people have the same user name, as long as each one has its own content and not copied from another person. And regarding the last question, that is definitely not allowed, in any case you can not impersonate anyone, even if it is to do good things. Best regards.
  6. Good luck with the translation team Samito!

  7. Congrats Andreas image.png.59062254482f74508246644722baeb9a.png



  8. image.png.2c2069b983fed2c9f5b6ae0fb6e284fd.png Enjoy in the Event Team Niv

    1. Niv'


      always did! ?

  9. Buen trabajo con la traducción ZabbeX.
  10. ETS2 - Scania S/R & Streamline ATS - Freightliner Cascadia
  11. As the moderators cannot be active 24/7, it is recommended that you report from the web page, this way you ensure that the person you are reporting will be sanctioned accordingly.
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