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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on promotion, long may you reign

    1. ShawnCZek


      Thank you! :)

  2. Which server do you prefer? and why?

    as most community is i go where most players are so usually eu2 on ets2 but if i want a quiet drive with friends i go on eu3 or simular
  3. do you find that the person abuses with word 'rec' ?

    people i find that say rec or rec ban ingame are normally people that are not aware of specific in game rules and or are new players like a week or so old and just say it to troll or scare as mentioned
  4. What is your favorite ingame Picture?

    love this pic
  5. she looking good




  6. evening all, what we got planned for this fine evening then

  7. hello mr chris how are you today

  8. not sure on steams new look

  9. evening all, long time no see 

  10. got myself virgin internet today upgraded from bt fibre from 76mb to virgins 380mb lol    7444537443.png

    1. The Flying Yorkshireman

      The Flying Yorkshireman

      ill be doing the same me thinks im on bt fibre how much a month message me via steam cheers lad

  11. hat a complete mess ats is and admins power hungry up top as usual not kicking correct people

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    2. schrute_farms


      I just can recommend, what I already recommended to anyone, who wants to get the achievment on MP.

      Save ur state, when ur @Mud Creek in singleplayer, and load it every time again in MP, when u finished your cargo.


      They roads, which lead away from Mud Creek, are totally free.

      Dont try to reach the MC-place in MP. Its a total mess, and the mods have no options, to clear this mess up.


    3. Scar


      Can you submit a feedback ticket and provide us more information about your claims in regards to power hungry staff please? We'd like to have a closer look at that.

    4. RUSSELL aka big t

      RUSSELL aka big t

      Will do Scarface bud but pointless as nothing will come off it. The admins just had no control of the area at all and was kicking the wrong people completely and kicking people that was just taking turns correctly but looked like blocking ect. Plus I dont record in game anymore as pointless reporting people as they never get appropriate Punishment for there crimes

  12. BORED. any convoys or anything on later today, not been to one in a while and need to get my foot back in the community


    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      you can check for convoys here ;)

  13. Introducing the "Add-On Team"

    hopefully map mods are on the way soon