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  1. ussy7861

    Any Muslim Truckers

    also tend to drive max speed so wouldn't want any slow bros lol
  2. ussy7861

    Any Muslim Truckers

    i can drive any truck scania and volvo for me
  3. ussy7861

    Any Muslim Truckers

    thanks to all the people who have had an interest to this topic, if anyone is interested in driving now i am available, either ats or ets.
  4. ussy7861

    Any Muslim Truckers

    To clear everything up all I want is to interact with people that are interested in driving with me but I brought up Muslims because I haven't seen any Muslims that are from the UK who play this game.
  5. ussy7861

    Any Muslim Truckers

    all i wanted to know if there is anymore muslims who live in the UK who play this game, but the way everyone else sees it is that i only want to play with muslim truckers. sorry if i have offended anyone also people dont seem to interact with me as much if i want to do a delivery with them, they just ignore me...
  6. ussy7861

    Any Muslim Truckers

    I was wondering if there are any Muslim truckers that live in UK and are available to do a delivery with me in either game as i can only find people from other countries which may not speak English. if so then could you add me.
  7. ussy7861

    It's been a year!

    1.17 is out of beta now, full release is out. Hopefully we can get the MP update soon.