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  1. Suggestion Name: Add a new §2 Rules. Overtake blocking, acceleration and Distance Keep Suggestion Description: Overtake blocking, acceleration - If the player intentionally prevents overtaking. (Exceptions: traffic jams, heavy traffic) Distance Keep - If the player does not keep enough distance to overtake him. (Exceptions: traffic jams, heavy traffic) - Leave at least 1 tractor and 2 trailers for the possibility that someone will overtake you. Why should it be added?: It happens a lot of times that several players go in groups. And the trouble is, most of them don’t keep their distance, and even if they do, they intentionally prevent me from classifying them in their lane. Many times, with a speed limit of 80, they go that way with 60. Of course, it is regular, but I think it would be good not to block the overtaking of others with their ignorance. The other most common thing is that he is moving slowly and as soon as I start to overtake him he will start speeding up too. This is just an idea to punish these players in more serious cases. Sorry about my English. Thanks for reading.
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