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  1. Any chance we can get the Idaho potato trailer back? I don't care for that giant potato but the trailer underneath it was awesome. Can one of you nice developers give access to at least this def? "/def/vehicle/trailer/scs_flatbed/double_drop_potato.sii" If there's a good reason not to allow the actual potato load ("/def/vehicle/trailer_cargo/scs_flatbed/mega_potato.sii") I fully understand especially with all the branding, but could we pretty pretty please get back access to the double drop trailer?
  2. Night time for sure, it's far cooler and way more fun! (In my opinion)
  3. I got gigs of music on my media player so I just throw it on random while I'm driving.
  4. TMP is far better than convoy, the TMP community is what makes TMP better than convoy could ever hope to be. Most convoy players want to truck alone, or with just a couple of friends. TMP players are social and outgoing, way cooler people way more fun game.
  5. It really was an honor to be there I'm glad to have participated, It went very well and the whole community really came together and nobody acted foolish.
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