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  1. Alright, thank you!
  2. The odd thing is we all do it in single file. The 3rd person just ends up getting a message that tells them that they can't do the job (even tho we are in the same group, going one after another). Pretty much it limits us to 2 freight jobs per job offer. So only person A and B can accept that job but not C. And then person C has to go without freight and kinda be a 3rd wheel. I'm just confused on why this is.
  3. Hey all, this is my first thread and I am hoping this is where it goes but without dilly dallying, I have one question: Why are there only two of the same freight job at once? My friends and I were setting up a three man caravan and were trying to get the same job so we could all go to the same location with a job. However whenever two of us accepted the job, the third one got a message saying the load has been lost (exact words escape me at the moment since it is the next day) and the job had been canceled. This meant one of us had to go without a job to still caravan. Is there any way around this or is this a featured restriction? I would like to know because if it is a restriction, would a bump up be possible? 2 seems like such a small number. If it is a bug, then is there a way to fix it on our end or on the MP side? Any bit of info helps. Thanks, -MJ P.S. if it helps, we play on the American servers.
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