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    Suggestion Name: Allowing Vr game version Suggestion Description:I have a HTC vive and love it in single player and would like to play multiplayer with it too. It uses the same game version just a different camera and menu layout so you can look around and navigate menus easier. I Any example images: Iv added a picture where you can see it uses the same 1.30 game version but with the mod that allows vr. Why should it be added?: For us few who have Vr headsets it would allow added realism and imersion into the multiplayer. I know it wouldnt be a prioraty as only a few people would have it but it would be awesome to be able to play with our friends or trucking company and kack ourselves when someone goes into our lane headon into us. As stated before it is the same game version as normal Ets2 Or Ats but it names it different in the betas area which is the issue.