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  1. Thanks for following sam bhai😊

  2. Happy Birthday 🥳

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  4. Happy birthday sir. kaisan baa?

  5. Sammmm , Happy Birthday My friend! :HaulieLove:

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  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Mercedes basic truck. Really enjoyed driving it. Then I switched to volvo and fell in love. Drove over 1.5mil kms in game. But now I have come to respect all trucks. These days I drive provided trucks for the realistic experience. Any trucks for the matter. Now I enjoy doing that. Feels like real truck everything.
  9. I think a lot trolls have increased including some personal level trolling. One incident happened right before me. Reported it to system but no punishment given. Was asked to submit video of incident
  10. Very interesting info. so many bans and event statistics for whole year. its cool. lot of work to be done behind scene. specially the in game bans issued. It shows how active the moderators have been. i wonder why month of may had the highest ban
  11. Happy Birthday :HaulieLove:

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      Thank you very much

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