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  1. I wish you further and further on the road of game moderator

  2. I love trucks, I love Europe, so I love European trucks。I love every inch of Europe,Thank the developers for their hard work。Sincere greetings

    1. RedWolf_TMP


      Its really kind from you dude:) I am a proud of them too ❤️


    2. C.O.S-[037]Bai Tu Zhi

      C.O.S-[037]Bai Tu Zhi

      Thank you, but I'm a woman 🥵

  3. thanks for your follow❤️

    1. C.O.S-[037]Bai Tu Zhi

      C.O.S-[037]Bai Tu Zhi

      You're welcome 

  4. Hello, I have applied for support. I believe I will become one of you. Create a beautiful game platform together. Create a good game environment for more players. work hard together

  5. I am a beautiful young lady and I love driving trucks very much. I prefer to be a staff member. I have paid a lot for this. Although I don't send forum messages often, I still pay attention to the messages sent by other people!

  6. I'm Chinese, and I'm a girl. There are very few Chinese administrators. Do I have any confidence in me? But I want to try

  7. Hello everyone. I have been playing TMP for two years, and I go to the beautiful European mainland to drive a circle every day. I also love trucks very much, and I also have a truck dream. Let us work for TMP together

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