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  1. Thank you for the follow! ❤️

    1. ao2g1s


      Thank you for the follow as well

  2. Thank you for the follow!

    1. ao2g1s


      Thank you for the follow as well

  3. For this month's photos, there's nothing from the SCS maps 😁




    A visit to the Kurushima-Kaikyo-Ohashi bridge

    Japan is definitely worth a visit, in real life as well as in ETS2




    Another touristy point of interest

    The water here is wayyy too salty!

    1. fifi3


      Nice photo!

  4. Thanks For Follow Nub ❤️

  5. I think I discovered ETS2 in my YouTube feed back in 2014 and decided to download the demo version, which I've then played on for many hours until I finally had the money to find and buy the CD-ROM version on a in a local electronics store. Fortunately, it came with a steam code, so I didn't have to re-purchase the game for TMP.
  6. Thanks for the follow as well 🤩

  7. First of all, @matematysek yes, ProMods is absolutely lovely to drive on, in MP as well as SP. As Granite already pointed out, the Drivers on ProMods servers are not neccesarily better than on the normal servers, when you're not near the CD (so - less trolls). What, to me at least stands out more, is that because of the vastly bigger map, you will see far less players while driving than you would see on the normal server.
  8. ets2_20210625_194222_00.png

    Taking a break at the baltic sea

    Unfortunately there was no time to take a dip in the sea 😔


    Short visit to Rijeka's promenade

    Fortunately, it was evening already. Who could stand walking during the heat at noon?

    1. wesleyr99


      Enjoy 😅

    2. fifi3


      Nice photo!

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