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  1. Did you know the mod?, i really wants to carry livestock, all my life turns around of it bassically. And if you know, i will make another question. Can this mod can be used on TruckersMP online? , i've seen other's topics where the people says that some mods are aproved or not
  2. Yes @Skazochniсk, here is the video I do the same question to him, and he responds "just keep looking in the aviable enterprises and you'll find". But now you say that there's no live cattle trailer in the game How he did that?
  3. I've seen a video in Youtube where a guy transport cattle from Arizona Bushnell Farms to New Mexico. i wan to do the same thing (because i love cattle, I'm a "Rancher Boy") tell me if is this posible and if it is, can i do that on TruckersMP?
  4. Yes the problem has been solved thanks to all of you guys, i played this afternoon using many kinds of trailers as low beds, Normal (Wallbert), Oilers, "Refrigerators" and the wood "ones", the problem was alwas the same; some times i've to park deeper and in others a little forward, it seems to be the "limits" you can only deliver the cargo if there its the correct position (don't confund when the white lines becomes green, its like if the parking marking was very very close) . Its weird, i had to say that i hope with the community effort this bug will be solved shortly
  5. Thanks for the answers @[email protected] i will prove to park "deeper" into the parking area, @RayRay5 i don't save the edit trailer because i didn't how to and i not know the term of "edit trailer", im just a rookie driving out there that say hello to all pls don't close this post, and will try it again and see if the bug happens again, I'll keep you informed
  6. Its my first post here, im a new trucker; be patient with me, i had to say that this problem only happens in online when i play offline didn't happens, it's very simple when i arrived into destination and select one of the options to deliver the cargo, i choose one but when the cargo is ready to be delivered and i press t to unlock the trailer from the truck nothing happens, the window that appears when normally you finish the job don't appears, the game "goes to mute" and only says "you cannot do that, firstly stop your truck" that thing is funny because i always the parking brake
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