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  1. It works now! And I already had someone run me off the road and glitch the trailer ? Thank you for all the help
  2. Still having the same issues as before with this mod. About ready to give up on it...
  3. Where do I save this mod to for it to work? To my profile or to the game files?
  4. Found it, cant read or open it... How do I get it to open on Win 10 64 bit?
  5. Ok now I get files in profiles but its literally the exact same as the steam files... I cannot get it to find a trailers_def file. Thoughts?
  6. So I have an issue with this. When I go into profiles there are no files, but there are a ton of steam profiles for each update that comes out... I cannot find my saves anywhere aside from the steam profiles. Could they be in a different location?
  7. Update, Doubles Anywhere did not work... save editing?
  8. I tried this numerous times with all the options, hasn't worked for this situation... This may be the issue. I cant get loads even in Single Player. I had this mod installed previously to try and get doubles anywhere in TMP (doesn't work obviously) but it may work to just be able to use the triple in general. I will try it out and let you know.
  9. Hello all! I'm trying to get the triple trailer mod to work in ETS2 TMP. I cannot get any jobs with my triple reefer trailer. All other trailers allow me to get jobs. I followed the instructions in this link below: Any tips? Do I need to save edit instead?
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