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  1. Thx for the follow :wesh:👀

  2. Hey all, I have just released a update! Here are the details: V - 2.2.5 Added - Tooltips on sidenav Added - Toggle for tooltips Added - Role colours on profiles Added - Support for 1.48 Cities (Credit - @FemmyRybo) Added - Logging for most events on the app (Logs can be found at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming{app name}\logs{process type}.log) Reworked - Profile Viewing Reworked - Default theme And other minor improvements. Want more info? Head over to our discord @ https://www.discord.gg/night-s-truckstyling-907405033841238026
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  6. Hey all, me and @spidermax89 have just released a new update I will post the changelogs below V - 1.9.0 Added - Automatic Save Edit Code Adder (In tools) Fixed - transmission swapper (In tools) Reworked - Backend of profile system (Also reenabled user codes) I know this is a smaller update however the Automatic accessory adder had some issues.
  7. So how do i do this? Do i have to count?
  8. Hey all, @spidermax89 and myself have just released a big new update! I will post the changelogs below: V - 1.8.0 Support for ETS2 and ATS 1.47 Added - New role system for profiles Added - New internal systems for staff Added - Auto gearbox changer Added - Custom Themes Added - Custom text colour Added - Slight revamp to settings tab For more info head over to https://www.nightstruckstyling.com/
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    Picture from after the Egg Hunt event :HaulieExcited:Had an amazing time.

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