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  1. I’m really new to the forum part of TMP, do you know where would be a good place to post this?
  2. Hi there! We are looking for Modifications Staff Members (particularly an experienced VTC Truck & Trailer Skinner). If you know of anyone who would be willing to do this please let me know. We are hoping for a professional and unique design for our VTC.
  3. That’s Nice! Good for you good luck with the chef job… what’s your favorite food to cook? My mom really loves cooking so growing up was always smelling great!

    1. [FL] Joe.S

      [FL] Joe.S

      I like to cook a lot of things tbh whats yours

    2. 31Delta


      I really like making (but more “Taste Testing”) Desserts!

  4. Thanks so much I wasn’t sure as the current VTC I’m in has their own DriversHub and they’ve implemented using NoTime.Zone so I wasn’t sure what exactly what was used in TMP and how the time zones worked. Just to confirm, no matter what time zone I’m in, I’ll see the local time for the event for me? For Example if TMP is based in the UK and makes an event for 1pm BST, I’ll see this for myself (EDT): Real Ops V12 Start: 8:00 AM EDT (America / New York)
  5. Suggestion Name: NoTime.Zone Implementation on TMP Website Suggestion Description: “No Time Zone removes the need to know time zones even exist. Create and share a set of events, and they will be converted to the local time of the person viewing them! Nobody needs to know what time zone they are in. The best part about No Time Zone is that your local time zone is automatically detected!” ~ Website Description Any example images: Try it out at their website (NoTime Zone Website) Why should it be added?: This should be added to make everyone able to join the event because they know what the actual time the event takes place in their own time zone. I believe this should be required when posting events both Official TMP Events and othe VTC Events. Also, in general it should be implemented in anywhere there is a time slot when creating an event/post. Side Note for TMP Staff: On the TMP Mobile Website, it is impossible to post a new suggestion in anywhere but in this area. I’ve tried posting this in Website Suggestions but it wouldn’t work.
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