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  1. Not exactly, but for the sake of the forum question being closed, yes.
  2. Hi there, thanks for the thorough reply. No I don't have the experimental beta. Yes I use Steam Cloud, and to go one further on that, I know the directory it's downloading to and I can see it downloading the folders, but they're empty. I had seen that creating a new profile might restore things, but unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the case with me, as it will only show me the new profile. However, I had found a semi "fix", though it's not ideal. Out of paranoia for this exact thing happening, I regularly back up my games files for ETS2 elsewhere, and I was able to put them back in the right places and that recognised it and my profiles were booted back up. The unfortunate part is that I've lost a month's play time, about 7 trucks, 8 drivers and a garage in Stockholm, as there was an update between backing up and then which caused the files in .bak to shift to another location that wasn't backed up, but it's nothing I can't get again.
  3. Hi, I was playing TruckersMP and I quit and came back, and loaded but realised that the level was wrong and it turned out to be the level of my old profile, so I quit again and reloaded and then that profile was missing too and now I have no profiles visible. I have the profiles still in the right directory, and creating a new profile saves to that place, but ETS2 isn't reading my profiles at all. Does anybody have any ideas? Screenshot is of ETS2 showing no profiles, with the profiles next to it. The profile visible is brand new that I made to see where it would save as I thought it was a directory problem. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Gl_srr0eTbE_z3nJuY2FHUL_n_rsrDim/view?usp=sharing EDIT: The Steam Cloud is restoring the profiles folders but they've got nothing in them. It's like the Steam Cloud thinks I've deleted the profiles, which I haven't.
  4. Hi, Thanks for the responses everyone, that's fair enough, I figured it might not be supported online, that's answered my question
  5. Hi, I want to make my own custom skin for my trucks, just a simple thing with my own custom company logo. It's got nothing obscene on it, but I was wondering if custom skins are supported/allowed on TruckersMP. Thanks!
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