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  1. When you could uncouple trailers while driving : D
  2. Your example rather shows that the limitation is not enough;)
  3. That's why we have the Acade server. There you can let off steam. One or the other admin also joins a joke and you can troll around there as you like. When the game becomes unrealistic and a limit is removed it makes it uninteresting to many. There are enough racing simulations ... for trucks too. So I would recommend changing the game: D
  4. Buses in TMP ... Since this game has its origins in buses ... I also think it's good that buses also belong in the professional driver's life. Trucks are often modified and used as buses and buses as trucks. So why not in TMP? Clear YES! I would also like to implement transporters and configure "small orders" here. This is how vans also make sense!
  5. I would be happy if the speed in the EU is reduced to 90km / h. As soon as you drive through cities at 60km / h. So it would perhaps encourage a lot more players to respond. These 110km / h don't make any sense. I see it a little differently in ATS. In the USA, the trucks also drive 120 km / h. The only difference is that the routes here are much wider and the corners are not that hard. Alongside.... HCT should also be approved in the EU, because we have trucks like this too. : D Greetings WueRmLe
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