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  1. so i managed to create a job and i can take it my selft but how can my friend get it too...? also to mention that i did it with virtual speditor..
  2. hello just returned home from work my friend will be here soon, we will try it out and ill update very soon thanks a lot
  3. hello eveyrone, i created a vtc yesterday to play with a friend together...does anyone know how can we get the same job or at least route??
  4. hello and thanks everyone for trying to help me it was very kind of u all...but actually it was a dumb problem.in the request it was a place where i had to chose my selft to accept it or not....keep the post if u wish to help someone who might have the same thing overlooked....wish u a good night to u all!
  5. hello i created a vtc company and my friend applied to me and when i try to accept him it sais u must assign the role to ur self to do that but i am the owner can someone help me please??
  6. hello i wanna ask if someone know how to play with a friend but get the same job and route as a company or something, thanks..
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