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  1. @Callum455 I already made it wider than original but the tag-field will not get bigger. @Belmondoo I drive mostly the New Actros with the big sun-shield and I have enough space to place the player list really wide but if I do this only the name-field get wider. Just to show you what I mean attached a screenshot (with my 27" full HD monitor at the side, play monitor is a 34" WQHD). The green marked area will get wider if I change the size of the list. The red marked not and after 14 or 15 characters (of 19) the tag is truncated.
  2. Hi truckers out there... Is there any way to change the column-width of the ingame player list? The tag can have 19 characters but after 14/15 characters it will cut the tag. If I change the width of the complete window only the name field is expanded. BR from Switzerland / Germany jk
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