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  1. I like to drive with first person because I can feel the simulation of a real truck and the movement of the camera is realistic, also if I need to use the third person I should to change that .
  2. Vitax.

    Android or iOS?

    IOS is safely than Android so I prefer IOS only for business and Android only for play and personal things. Kind Regards, Vitax Seneca TMP Driver
  3. My favorite Television show would have to be Top Gear and my favorite movie is the Secret Agent 007 . Kind Regards, Vitax Seneca TMP Driver
  4. Happy Birthday for the best game mod of the world, I feel so excited because five years are so long time of a big community. Kind Regards, Vitax Seneca TMP driver
  5. Yaju! Thanks, It's a nice surprise for me, I like TMP and I appreciate the work of the department of developers because they have to fix things just for our multiplayer game. Kind Regards, Vitax Seneca Game Driver and TMP lover
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