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    Wulanchabu city, Inner Mongolia
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    I like to help some questions about European truck games, and I like to explore the road of European trucks.
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  1. ♥Krone ♥trailer Cool Liner 25th         anniversary of cold storage 


    To celebrate this exciting milestone, we teamed up with Krone to launch a special 'Cool Liner 25th anniversary' painting for KRONE Cool Liner towing.♥

  2. Thank you for your follow :-)

  3. I like the new Duff truck. It looks better than the previous truck, and the painting is very domineering, especially the interior decoration of the truck, which has a modern atmosphere,
  4.       In one♥● rest near the toll station, pull two (tractors)




    I come from China (-Inner Mongolia) game name: Magotan* TFSI * V6

  5. Can I be a steam friend? Friend, we will transport the goods together


    1. Patrick Star*

      Patrick Star*

      ok I'll send you a private message.

  6. Duff truck model:

    [yellow XF].


    [orange XG.]


    [green XG +]


    Here are the pictures. Please enjoy them ♥



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    2. Patrick Star*

      Patrick Star*

      Personally, I think the yellow one looks good.😛

    3. Factz
    4. .Pedro.


      Nice photo! ❤️

       [yellow XF].

  7. Thank you for following me ❤️ Have a wonderful day ^^

  8.     Good evening, TMP team. Good evening

              [Rotterdam port] 




  9. My friend, we are a Chinese team, Dongsheng team. I would like to invite your team to participate in our activities. I hope you can accept my invitation.

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