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  • Birthday 06/28/2007

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    Mexico_puebla city
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    well of interests I like cumbia xD and that other things because living with other people :D and well it is all heh
    Clone hero Fan? yes
    ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯
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    France: Calais
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    spanish english and a little japanese :v

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  1. I wish you a very Happy Birthday! 
    Have a good time! 

  2. Guess who's back?...

    that's me! dwb

    After a long time of inactivity, in a few days I will be back on the servers (the school brings me hanged) Anyway random data sometimes I played clone hero I wanted to break my record in a song but the only thing I broke was my hands XD

    here is the song

    enjoy i guess

    sorry if the audio is not the best

    1. [MCG] luky Cat!

      [MCG] luky Cat!

      well clone hero and scorespy have some let's say bugs let's say that in the buggy mode the rock meter appears when in theory it shouldn't finally bugs everywhere d_b

  3. I would like to introduce you to what ets2 would look like on ps5! well your box and more things eye that I did it!

    ets ps5-min(1)(1)-min.jpg

    1. .Pedro.
    2. Meto5


      Great photo!

    3. [MCG] luky Cat!

      [MCG] luky Cat!

      thanks! but i maked this photo


  4. Happy Birthday! ?

    1. [MCG] luky Cat!

      [MCG] luky Cat!

      oh thank you sorry for replying late

  5. I have a doubt about the real operations, I can or cannot use a car or just the staff.   ?

  6. suggest me game introductions to do it in ets2 mode

    for example this ?



  7. they like my new profile picture or l in return .-.

  8. quien quiere un taco

  9. nothing better than listening to my local radio while driving :d

  10. who does not like the following songs if I like them ?

    1Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You


    2Boney M. - Rivers of Babylon (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD)


    3Boney M. - Gotta Go Home (Sopot Festival 1979) (VOD)


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