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    Building and fixing computers, general techy things, photography, videography, PC and console gaming (Duh), and everything Sonic (fav=Tails)
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  Hi, I'm Kenneth, but I go by my initials, 'kag'. I've been a gamer since i was much younger, with some older systems such as the Play Station 1, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, and Atari. 


          My Nintendo 64 broke last year, and I also now use a Wii U. I started to move more into PC games in about 2010, mostly with flash games and some free downloadable games. In 2012, I discovered minecraft, and that was the first PC game I really got hooked to. I stopped playing minecraft about a year later, and then I discovered my now and still favorite game, Euro Truck Simulator 2. I played the demo over and over until around July of 2013, when i discovered Steam. I bought the full version on sale, and I've now accumulated over 400 hours on the game. Over time I started to really get into simulation games, and I started to accumulate them over time, as well as many other games. I now own nearl 100 games, and play many more free to play games online and on Steam. That's really how I got started in the gaming world.



          More about me; I'm very much into building and fixing computers, photography and videography, PC and Console gaming (duh), and - if you didnt notice by my profile pic, I'm a huge fan of Miles 'Tails' Prower. Come on, if you've ever seen tails you know he's awesome. Yup. I'm still a child at heart.


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