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  1. Having your name / ID show up as a different color would be very nice. Maybe this could apply to private messages as well?
  2. This will happen when you sleep too many times in a certain time period. It'll reset after a while of driving. Toggling fatigue simulation might also fix it.
  3. Do the jobs show up if you drive directly to a pick up location and check there? Resting once or twice usually fixes it for me. That, or quick traveling to another city. If neither of those work you can always pick up a job in single player then hop onto multiplayer.
  4. +1 to this. I didn't figure out the new talk key was x until yesterday when I accidentally hit it. On a side note, possibility to rebind these keys? Specifically to buttons on gamepads and such?
  5. Exciting I know. I just reinstalled windows a few weeks ago so not much going on yet
  6. A disaster. But what else is new?
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