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      Hello Truckers! In response to recent developments with certain processor exploits We will be shutting down US1 / AS1 / SA1 until we get confirmation from the datacenters that the shared physical servers that these are hosted on have been patched. While at this time we are not aware of any active attacks against our users, we take security extremely seriously and do not want to risk any chances as they are on hardware shared with other customers of whom we do not know. You may also notice the website being unavailable for a few moments over the next few days. This is due to our datacenter provider patching our fleet of 30 servers. We apologize for any frustrations this may cause, however know this is a very important step that is required to secure our users data. Thank you for your understanding.   Forum thread Homepage blog post


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  1. Virtual Trucking Manager

    Is the site and app dead ?
  2. I know this isn't the right Thread to post but I can't find a better one If I have ATS shared by a friend, I can't play it on MP servers? On my truckersmp profile it shows only ETS2 ( I have 2h+ played and my profile on public )
  3. Harlem shake whit trucks....

    - I think you guys forget that these people are working for nothing ... Just for their own satisfaction , they don't get paid ( maybe some donations but I wouldn't be so sure .. ) and they keep these servers ON with money from their pocket you know? So stop complaining like you did something to help the team Ok, report a bug here , but please change your attitude , they are not obligated to provide you a nice and smooth server and mod They are doing it because they want to