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      Major Event requirements update   03/19/18

      In light of the recent changes to the requirements of event rules and servers the requirements for Major Event posts have also been updated.   A summary of the changes:  Added: Minimum 50 participants with proof at moment of creation Added: Topic created minimum 1 month in advance Added: In case of charity event: endorsement of non-profit organization or official donation link for the event by non-profit organization Removed: minimum post count   For the full list of requirements, check out the respective topics for ETS and ATS   Regards   TruckersMP team
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      Issues hizliresim.com   03/20/18

      Since a few days we have noticed that pictures posted on hizliresim.com are not accessible (both on our forum and website). This is an issue not related to our services and out of our hands. Therefore we ask you not to use hizliresim.com to share images and opt for other alternatives such as https://prnt.sc/   We thank you for your understanding.    
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      Easter Egg Hunt 25th March 16:00 UTC   03/23/18

      In case you missed it, you are invited to join us on a huge Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday 25th March 2018 at 16:00 UTC!   Check out the details here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/63166-easter-egg-hunt-25th-march-2018


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  1. Virtual Trucking Manager

    Is the site and app dead ?
  2. I know this isn't the right Thread to post but I can't find a better one If I have ATS shared by a friend, I can't play it on MP servers? On my truckersmp profile it shows only ETS2 ( I have 2h+ played and my profile on public )
  3. Harlem shake whit trucks....

    - I think you guys forget that these people are working for nothing ... Just for their own satisfaction , they don't get paid ( maybe some donations but I wouldn't be so sure .. ) and they keep these servers ON with money from their pocket you know? So stop complaining like you did something to help the team Ok, report a bug here , but please change your attitude , they are not obligated to provide you a nice and smooth server and mod They are doing it because they want to