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  1. It really worked! But my trailer damaged tho, what can I do?
  2. Something unusual happened to me, I don't know if it's bad luck or what, but when I logged into my truckersmp account when I opened the game today, the screen was all black, the truck was spinning madly, probably a bug, as if was sinking to the ground, damaging 100% of the entire truck along with the trailer, which made me more indignant and saddened to know, and worst, the game saved the whole progress this way, I can't go back. that I had just paid off the debt with the bank, after hours and days had passed and my debt was finally over. I was enable to pay all my debts, when I went to open t
  3. Yes, but I opened a topic to watch other people vision about that.
  4. As time goes on the game gets repetitive, almost nobody compliments you on the radio, px. some are very unfriendly and even rude, but that's not it that defines everything, it would be a good thing if the developer brought something more than just graphics improvements, brought something innovative for ets2, how about an avatar, how about a replay mod where you can move around like in the real world, to take your friends as a passenger, I don't know maybe it's a crazy idea, but any improvement or innovation would be welcome, each month or cycle. The game is faithful to the truck simulation, at
  5. I wonder how much that could cost me
  6. What's your euro truck simulator level today? I just became a master, I'm playing about a few weeks almost completed all the map.. How high are you in the progress? What happans when you reach the whole map? Do I have to purchase others dlcs to go around other places?
  7. Yes I agree, the game is beautiful because there are laws , rules and everybody do their best to keep the game right, but that's not the point, again.. it's not about the rules of speed limit, it's about the speedometer, my question want about to free the whole speed, even because ets2 is not s racing game, but just to unlock the speedometer so the truck can easily flow better on long roads, that's the idea. The idea of getting control of speed, makes the game better in my view, if everyone agree this is not the best decision, so be it. But when I think about realism, I think about freedom, th
  8. I play right and obey traffic signs I don't know what are you talking about, you can't Generalize all players, if you are happy with 90, 100. It's on you
  9. Allright I respect your opinion but, it's not realistic at all, truck drivers need to get the whole control of their trucks, regardless the speed limit, It's not that for instance, 100km to 140 maybe? or 200km Like I said. A little distance wouldn make the game worse in my view, just more realistic, If I put a high ground engine in my truck for what? to reach only 100km on the road.. It's a shame, but what can I do.
  10. I disagree fully, since it is a truck simulator game, the freeway was supposed to be real, real speed. There are responsable and irresponsable drivers everywhere, regardless of speed. I know it's not a racing game, but my question was on the line, Why Can't I just use the whole panel, of the speedometer? I feel stuck everytime driving at 100km, mainly in long trip, where cargo is heavy, It's a pity that not everybody see as a point, because it's not the speed that causes accidents, it's the way people drive.
  11. The truck speedometer reaches till 100km per hour, I see that truck supports 200km till the end, I feel very unconfortable driving only 100km on freeway, I know that is a reasonable speed but if speedometer goes till 200km on truck panel, why can't I run till 200km? Itnis more realistic to me, the freedom of speed and control, 200km would be great, I don't think 100km prevents accidents cause shitty drivers are as bad driving in 40km as 100km. My opinion.
  12. What if ETS2 multiplayer had a passanger camera, inside the truck. like a hitchhiking truck a camera where you could see you drive on replay after finishing a delivery, you could see your own trip by side watching yourself driving while you are only watching your movements on the road, like a passenger hitchhiker in a replay mod, how good that'd it be
  13. Like the print shows, I'm about to choose a cargo and all of sudden the game crashes and shows me that message, an application fatal error. What can it be, I'd appreciate the help. Thank You.
  14. I am disappointed with the errors I have been receiving on ets2, I am not receiving job offers at ets2mp, I rest, save the game but it does not solve it. crashes, and no job offer the game also stop working when I accept a job offer, So I don't know what the problem is, so I close the game and give up playing again.
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