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  1. Hello. How many truckers playing truckersMP have always hoped there was no traffic coming off the motorway in Calais? I think it is necessary to increase the space for the Calais motorway exit (in the direction of the Channel Tunnel). It is very important because often those who leave the motorway to enter the city of calais have to occupy a lane with the risk of an accident for someone who carelessly does not notice the outgoing traffic. I would suggest lengthening and widening the freeway exit lane so that more players can occupy the exit lane without getting stuck in the freeway lane. I'm talking about this point that I attach photos: What do you think about it? Thanks for the attention and for your answers. Kind regards, ROMANISTA [ITA]
  2. Hello! First of all thank you for taking the time to answer here. Have you ever been banned? What was the reason? (if you want to tell it)
  3. Hello, thanks for your follow!

  4. Hello @NoahTheGamer. This might be an idea. But I think it wouldn't make much sense. After all, if a person continues to report players incorrectly, he gets to have 0 reports available for next time. It would be good for a person to think before applying a report so that it does not reach 0. If it were as you say, everyone could report any people even reaching 0 reports. Best regards.
  5. Hello. I do not agree with this because the players who speak the Arabic language are not many and it would be useless since English is still a world language that almost everyone can speak. Best regards.
  6. No. Sorry... I meant that obviously they will have to evaluate staff members first whether the report provides for an evaluation before the others or not. I know that many would put the high priority to have the outcome of the report immediately but it will be the staff to evaluate. I don't think it but... Ok and thanks for your answer.
  7. Hello. In my opinion, a good idea would be to be able to insert during a report on the site, the possibility of asking for the priority of the report made because there are more serious behaviors compared to others. For example, if I receive a very serious incident, I can ask for my report to be viewed and evaluated first. The degrees of priority I suggest are: - Very high (Serious) - High - Low - Very Low (No serious). Obviously it must be evaluated by the staff first of all. Anyone who agrees with my idea, can comment on this topic. Thank you. Best regards.
  8. I think the same thing. But at least many players could overtake in places where they do not create danger to others.
  9. Hello. Thanks for follow!

    1. Dαrwen


      You are welcome mate 🖤

  10. Hello! Are you for or against two lanes in each direction in Calais-Duisburg road? Justify your answer. Many players on that road cause accidents when overtaking. In some more dangerous points of the road, in my opinion, it is right to add an extra lane for each direction of travel. And you... what do you think?
  11. Thanks for following! 

  12. Hello. If you drive the car (skoda) in the game, do you also use the trailer (caravan)?
  13. Hello truckers!


    Welcome on my profile. I hope you drive always carefully. It is very important 👍

  14. Happy Birthday! 

  15. Hello truckers! What do you think about players who are constantly traveling at 110 km/h on C-D road? I think that at some points on the road C-D, players should understand that they have to slow down for example near curves that can be dangerous at 110 km/h. What do you think? Thanks for answers.
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