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    1. Quiber


      Thanks to you 🙂

  3. I use more spotify because it has a great variety of content and also when one gets bored of listening to spotify one always goes to YouTube that always happens to me to go to see music videos.
  4. A thousand times city by theme is where you can go for a walk with the family and especially it depends if the city has nearby tourist places to go out but every human being will always love the environment to travel to places where it is outside the context of the big city
  5. I listen to a variety of music, both Latin music or when I'm alone I listen to pop music
  6. I love the volkswagen and especially the Polo is a small vehicle but with good space.
  7. I have many things on my desk but it is beautiful
  8. esta foto a mi me encanta y de los DAF uff Pero sus fotos están excelente
  9. now it is much better traffic lights for issues to avoid greater accident and synchronization now goes better than before, mainly the time.
  10. COD MW3 for me was the best for its way of playing it and also so far there are people for its graphics engine as a contemporary mode.
  11. opino igual seria una excelente idea para mejorar cierta parte del transito como todo proyecto debe ser estudiado .
  12. si uno piensa que la competencia pierde punto no se pierde hay muchas por ay en sim 2 o promods que le gusta hacer ruta como parte de su rutina ya que el juego esta enfocado en la simulacion. claro el modo convoy de SCS no afecta todo depende de la persona en si mismo TMP va a seguir como siempre, el modo convoy es como salir de una rutina y quiera ir a otro mapas con amigos.
  13. I think the route is very famous for the number of people but there are also Kirkenes promods as the best driving challenge.
  14.  road friend

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