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  1. I always give a chance when people overtake me. I don't see anyhing wrong about your driving. He is a terrible player and he's totally rammed you on purpose. You should submit a web-report for him in my opinion.
  2. Your some game files would be missing. I think you should try to save your profile and reinstall ETS2. I hope it would be a solution for you!
  3. I think people should be work as a team. It's very important point.
  4. My account never has been banned. I always try to follow all of rules.
  5. I never record my gameplay. ETS2 is a just game and we don’t need to record it in my opinion.
  6. Thanks for following. 👍

  7. I just want to drive it as soon as possible.
  8. It is a just a game and i’m happy with my keyboard and mouse.
  9. I want to see a electic truck like Tesla.
  10. I never change any part of my truck. I always like it as basic.
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