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Community Answers

  1. I don’t spend my money for DLCs. I always prefer to play games as basic.
  2. Yeah. It should be more than %50.
  3. When you submit valid reports, you will be able to create more reports. This is so easy.
  4. I think developers should share it with us! I want it too much!
  5. I’m very happy with my keyboard. I can do everything with it.
  6. I think we will see new things future!
  7. I don’t like the cars in ETS2. I’m so happy with this decision.
  8. When your account has been banned, you can not connect the servers with other accounts. It’s so clear.
  9. I’m okey with current punishment system of TruckersMP. If someone has a permanent punishment, it should not be removed. Rule is rule!
  10. I don’t like Promods. I always play it as no-mods.
  11. I want to see more Iveco trucks in the roads.
  12. My favourite colour is red. I always choose it for my trucks.
  13. My phone is Iphone 14 Plus. I love it! I dislike Android phones.
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