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Community Answers

  1. It was very good. I want to see more events in the game. Evet Team should work harder in my opinion.
  2. You can not force people for a communication. It is totally up to them. I like asian people and i can contact with them easily.
  3. It’s a truck simulation and i never want to drive Skoda in the game.
  4. I support others! You are responsible what you do only. You don’t need to feel bad because of them.
  5. Please just be patient! They will release it at December.
  6. When you are not sure about a situation, you can ask it to game management easily in feedback system. They will answer your question and you will get a correct information with it.
  7. You can not do it as an user. If someone does not follow game rules, you should record him and create a report about him. When everyone does what you say, we can not a good game place. We just need to be relax
  8. We don’t need a speed limit in my opinion. It is a simulation game and we should be able to drive our trucks with no speed limit.
  9. If you don’t cause any damage, it never is a problem for you. This is a game and you don’t need to feel it as a real life.
  10. I love my computer. It never cause a problem related to ETS2 and ATS. ( AMD Ryzen 5 5600X and Sapphire 6600XT. )
  11. You always submit web-reports to game moderators. When they have time, they will give an answer to your question.
  12. It totally from Duisburg to Calais. Most of people don’t follow the rules.
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