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  1. Excactly that. Lets say I move my wheel a quarter (25%) of the wheels rotation axis -on singleplayer. Then the wheel in the game will move just as much. If I how ever do the same move on multiplayer, then the wheel will move about 75% of the wheel axis in the game. Which means, the sensitivity is about 3 times higher on multiplayer than in singleplayer on the SAME settings AND same profile. So how does this make any sense?
  2. I actually use same profile for both. So I don't see how they would look any different.
  3. So as I decided to play the multiplayer mod I noticed that even despite I have excactly the same settings for my G27 steering wheel, the sensitivity feels different when I play MP than from when I play the original ETS2. It's as if my settings has been altered despite that they are excactly the same. And when I go back to play the original game it feels normal. Why would ETS2MP affect my G27 to behave so weird? Got any suggestions how I could get it to behave normaly?
  4. PowerFM finns ej med bland stationerna när man kollar radiolistan i spelet, trots att den står med här på denna sidan :|
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