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  1. When can this rule be enforced? Does this violate that rule? Someone has a profile picture identical to another user but nothing else. Their profile picture is a publicly accessible picture, easily findable on Google. Someone has the same name as a staff member but nothing else. For example, they may be two Owen's. Someone has their profile picture set to a political figure for appreciation. Someone copies everything about a staff member and acts like them in-game. While in-game, they go a step further and attempt to enforce the rules as if they were a staff member. If someone could explain when a situation becomes impersonation, it'd be greatly appreciated ? Regards, Bean
  2. Hey @XCiaranbplaysX, As per rule §1.2, evidence for ban evading cannot be disclosed due to it containing confidential server-side information. As long as you don't play on another account while banned, you shouldn't be banned for ban evading. Let me know if this helped you. Have a good day, Bean
  3. The volume of traffic. The road isn't the popular part in my experience. The chokepoints surrounding are. For example, the Calais intersection is incredibly popular during peak times and on the weekend as this is where people bunch up in an attempt to get onto the road.
  4. Being in more than one vtc is Dual-vtcing and prohibited in most vtcs.
  5. No. The fact that it has no rules is irrelevant. The Freeroam server doesn't have a speed limit on it, unlike simulation servers. Both Simulation Servers and the Freeroam server have collisions enabled. From my understanding of your request/suggestion, you want to have an arcade-like server but with collisions enabled and no speed limiter. However, this already exists in the form of the Freeroam server and activity on that is dreadful. So why would this becoming a full-time feature improve the player numbers in any way?
  6. A server's settings have nothing to do with the rules that may or may not be enforced on that server. I don't where you've got the evidence for your claims, however, you're mistaken. The difference in settings on the Freeroam server compared to the Simulation servers hasn't enticed more people to join it. Yes, fewer rules may be enforced on that server, but that is not what we're saying. To clarify, the settings we're comparing are: Collisions enabled - Collisions enabled Speed Limits Disabled - Speed Limits Enabled I've acknowledged the population decline on multiple occasions. The evidence doesn't comply with your theory. Since Covid somewhat concluded, the numbers have gone down. That's obvious. RTS doesn't have any effect on this fact.
  7. You appear to be clutching at straws and trying to find any way to support your argument. Your original statement has nothing to do with the point I raised, therefore, it's irrelevant. Moreover, I spoke about the ability to drive with quality drivers, this has to do with other people's driving, not my own. No! Our comparison is of the settings for both the Freeroam server and the settings you desire. Seems pretty viable to me. Since its inception, more punishments have been handed out, the arcade server was introduced the list goes on.
  8. My ban history has nothing to do with my desire to drive with quality players. We're not comparing the enforced rules on the servers, we're comparing the server settings as they are the same as what you desire. Lenient Punishments? Most punishments enforced involve the reckless driving rule in some way or another. "Yeah, and it's not viable that's my point." - Something doesn't add up there. Simulation servers simulate. Arcade is a casual server.
  9. My profile doesn't reflect those of others, so no, it's not relevant. If you take the TMP8 freeroam server, for example, that is popular when it's first released, then the activity swiftly declines. The same decline in activity is bound to happen if a server like this is added in the future, thus making it pointless. Technically speaking, there wasn't one sole creator of the mod. Both RootKiller and mwl4 were fundamental in the creation of the mod, amongst others. RTS was added to make the game as realistic as possible as, after all, this is a simulator that simulates real-life occupations. The suggestion you submitted refers to the quality of driving on the simulation servers, not anything to do with server settings or server limits. To answer their suggestion, people who break the rules will be banned.
  10. I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "artificial intelligence tools", but AI traffic would be a good addition if managed correctly.
  11. Unlike TruckersMP, the police cars aren't automatically in the game. You can add mods that'll add police cars and cars in general, but I don't know if these can be locked to admins only. Admins in the session can kick/ban players. That's the end of their ability. They don't, by default, get any special vehicle privileges.
  12. Yes. People moved on from the Europort area, and the same will eventually happen with CD. Just look at the effect operation HQ had on CD. When something attracts people, people will flock there, there just needs to be a new attraction.
  13. If I'm not mistaken, this has nothing to do with the current topic, and after a debate that doesn't appear to be going anywhere nor with any relevant points that are viable, I think it's best that this debate maybe concluded. To conclude, my history is what it is and isn't at all relevant to any of the points made, so I can't see why it was brought up. While your suggestions may appeal to a select few, I don't think they'll appeal to the masses or TruckersMP staff, for that matter. I wish you the best. - Bean
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