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  1. The scout cars (Skodas) and AVs are like marmite - you either love them or you hate them. There's no middle ground. As for my thoughts on their removal, I don't feel they have that much of a benefit to the game and tend to get misused more than used for good. Having said that, for convoy management, they can be useful. Maybe only offer them on Arcade and for Event Staff/GMs?
  2. If I knew what you mean, I wouldn't be asking what, would I?
  3. @'Leo. Hi. It's a simulator; hence there should be a simulation of real life. There doesn't need to be a strict level of simulation, but there should be some resemblance. FMO4's comparison, whilst a tad extreme, is correct. People who commit crimes in real life aren't given such leniency, and TruckersMP is meant to simulate real life.
  4. If in three months, someone has been banned four times, then they're clearly not up to the expected standards. Not at all. It's a simulator, so we want simulation. We don't wish for constant misuse and troublemakers. Yes, it's a game, but that doesn't mean we should allow those who have total disregard for the rules to run wild and impact the experience of others. In light of this and previous rule changes, it is unlikely that you will be banned from playing for life. Depending on the circumstances, a kick may be the first step before a ban is imposed. This can be considered a first warning, since there are no repercussions. It is unlikely that a warning system would be of any value to anyone since most bans are imposed through reports on the website.
  5. Well, we certainly don't anymore. However, there has been some resemblance of a "Road to Simulation" previously, whether you believe it or not. Everything you've outlined as to what you don't enforce is mostly left unforced in real life, obviously speeding being an exception. Speeding is under the umbrella of "reckless driving", so I'd say it gets enforced. Whether directly or indirectly. Indicators/turn signals don't get enforced in real life, from my experience. Whilst for the UK, the highway code states you must use an indicator to indicate your intended action(s), I've never heard of someone being in serious trouble for it. The police have much, much bigger fish to fry. Just as, unless there's a collision or you're spotted, give way/stop signs are unenforced in real life, as there's no one to report you/punish you. Not sure why stating things that typically go unenforced in real life would help your argument or tip the scales in your favour, but hey-ho. If anything, not enforcing these things further increases realism and the simulation aspect road to simulation was trying to achieve.
  6. As with any rule change, they'll always be people for and against; however, I think this is a move in the wrong direction entirely. TruckersMP has been aiming for simulation, hence the "road to simulation" initiative. However, with this and previous rule changes, simulation seems no longer at the forefront of TruckersMP's intentions. Such a shift in direction raises many questions as to why TruckersMP have decided to contradict and undo everything they've previously set out to achieve. Perhaps, to try and claw back some players?
  7. I agree. The change appears to be another ploy to increase player numbers with little regard for other rule-abiding players. When they removed the ability to get permanently banned for history, I was in full support, as I believed people may have been immature when they received their 5th and final ban. However, I cannot and do not have the same support for this rule alteration. If someone receives a ban and cannot restrain themselves from making another account, they should be permanently banned. If someone is desperate to play the game that they'd go to the effort of ban evading, you'd think they'd follow the rules in the first place.
  8. As you've all probably seen, it's no longer possible to be permanently banned for ban evading. How do people feel about this, and do you agree with the change or disagree? You can see more information about the rule update here.
  9. Events where everyone is flocking to one place, like TruckersMP HQ, can create more work for the moderation team. Do you have any ideas on how an event similar to TruckersMP HQ could take place without one place being a choke hold, @Foobrother?
  10. Some good suggestions! There needs to be more incentive to explore roads and cities that aren't Calais or Duisburg. Previously there have been challenges or community events like 'TruckersMP HQ'. What did you think about this event?
  11. Hi, Cary Could you think of some examples?
  12. Look, I don't blame you for not liking TMP and how they handle things, but complaining here will only cause more trouble than good. It's in your best interest to complain via the correct means.
  13. There're ways to go about it, but posting about it here isn't one of them. Complaining here won't help your case in any way, shape or form - If anything, complaining here will only impede your chances of being listened to. Probably best to say your bit in a feedback ticket. This way, you've got a chance of being taken seriously and not hushed by the staff here. That being said, there must be a reason why your VTC's bio was altered. Have you found out what that is? If not, why not? You should probably know why your content has been removed before you say it's unfair. Many, myself included, feel that how TMP handles situations is over the top. However, you'll get nowhere speaking about it here.
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