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  1. Happy birthday 😄

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  3. Welcome Back! 🙂

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      Thank you! :3

  4. Thank you for the follow 😁

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  7. thank you for your follow 🥰

  8. TruckersMP HQ, is mega cool done, also with the huge parking lot where you can just stand and just look around with the flycam. I would have hoped that you can still do something with the HQ maybe as a showroom or something else, but maybe something is still coming because on the other side is still something in planning as it looks. But otherwise the city is cool made and is also a lot of fun to drive there.
  9. Thank you for Your follow :HaulieLove:

    1. HαυSυεd72


      No problem 🥰

  10. That sounds very interesting, let's see if you can then also drive past the typical Alps or as in Innsbruck with the mountains.
  11. The new accessories, look really cool but I also thought that there might be a paint job for the trucks or for the trailers, because I think the users would like to continue to use the trailer for example.
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