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  1. I can't get to the event I'm missing my last order I can't get there I have a problem in the trucks

  2. I have a problem, I left 10 jobs in the event, they don't want to give me the last point until 7 o'clock, there's a bug

  3. how to know which version of multiplayer euro truck simulator

  4. I have a question about how I know how to update that version of multiplay in trucks
  5. I want to be a moderator for me people want to take down multiplayer trucks

  6. I have a question why people are breaking me down anymore I don't like multiplay Euro truck simulator 2 furd people are breaking me down anymore. that video was a long video. support others from moderation. people were punished and sentenced. pls

  7. how to put christmas mode in euro truck simulator 2 into multiplay a Merry Christmas.I'm learning to drive in Euro truck simulator 2 on the steering wheel support people don't hurt me

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Hello @Marcelina_CZ,

      Currently, TruckersMP does not support the "winter mod". It hopefully will be supported in one of the following days/weeks.
      I hope that this answered your question? 

      Happy Trucking!

      Kindest regards,
      Stay safe!
      _sneaht_0810 - TruckersMP Forum Moderator

  8. I'm bothered by players who can't sound the trumpet and run over big trucks then I'll get a ban for from the player that I didn't see him + drove over without a permit without a horn I a little broke Reckless Driving; Ramming was a new rule?

    1. _sneaht_0810


      //Locked due to a violation of §4.2 - Forum topics, posts, status updates, and private messages

  9. Hi I have a problem people bouraji they should get ban moderators are standing in the middle of the road I don't want to shoot was too much more visible he needed people to me I don't work I don't know English very good in transport

    1. .Pedro.


      I recommend you to leave your feedback here and here you can say everything you want (You can contact Game Moderator Manager for advice) 


  10. hello i have a question for me people boraji what should i do in trucks i don't know english and drive well in trucks i know the rules

    1. Cowie


      Hi there @Marcelina_CZ,


      Welcome back to the forum! It's nice to see you active here again.


      As it seems that you have accidentally created the same Status Update twice, I am going to go ahead and lock this status. You can continue discussing this topic in your previous status, which will remain open for the community to comment on.


      Thank you for your understanding and have a great day.


      Kindest regards,  

      DJ ccowie  

      TruckersMP Game Moderation Manager

  11. hello i have a question for me people boraji what should i do in trucks i don't know english and drive well in trucks i know the rules

  12. I meet people who can't drive trucks, they're breaking the rules in trucks. I don't know your system. I drive in trucks and I don't have time to put babies in trucks. I'm turning trucks 5 I see them seeing that people can't drive trucks
  13. hi work out swami on ban in trucks today i filmed trucks when there was a moderator in trucks .people have 5 people ban
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