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  1. The big start! 

  2. Volvo is a great truck; - It has a big variation. ++ - Horsepower is not pretty small, but begins huge. ++ - The design especially appeals to me. It has a big dashboard space on your right and 2 nice sorts of chairs. ++ But Scania is a good one either! - The design is pretty. ++ - The interior could use a upgrade, but is nice for now and for the future, only the upgrade wouldnt be a bad thing. +/- - Its can be modified to a huge truck with a lot of horsepower, very good. So my opinion goes to Volvo, because I really like them. 90% of my dri
  3. Greetings, A frequent back-up is also recommended. You can paste a profilefile in any dropbox, for example Google Drive or Dropbox. As long as you dont forget your logindata, its safe. I would recommend doing this once a week. This because if something goes wrong, or you get a new PC and forget about it, you lose it again. Not sure when you can actually really really be in need of it, but when you do you have it and know where to find it. Also, what my fellow members said above is not bad either, I would use it for future use.
  4. They have problems, might be caused by the fire a month ago. They are trying to contact the provider and doing their best to get it fully online as its best. But right now all FPS might drop because of that. Connectivity problems occure at mine as well, so your not the only one who has to suffer problems.
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