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  1. øAlmeida's post in Application Fatal Error Detected a malformed file was marked as the answer   
    Hello there,
    You have to verify the integrity of the files on Steam. I will leave an example for you.
    - Go to your Steam Library and right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2/ American Truck Simulator
    - Select ''Properties''
    - Go to the tab called ''Local Files'' and select ''Validate integrity of game cache''
    - This will take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your Laptop/PC
    Let us know if this helped.
    Kind regards,
    TruckersMP Trial Support
  2. øAlmeida's post in Truck Championship track was marked as the answer   
    Hi @China - xiao Xue er,
    The event track is only released in cases of ''Events'' as the name already informs.
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