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  1. Most of the rules are based on common sense; in addition there is enough margin of error before removing definitely a player from the platform; The rules will change and keep evolving in the future for sure, to adapt to the circumstances when need it, like any other platform do
  2. If you want to edit your save, uncheck the steam cloud save for ETS2. I suggest to you to keep your save locally saved, sometimes the steam cloud go crazy and load some old save instead your last updated
  3. rs_italy


    Your description about cars in TMP it's perfect: "squeezing between trucks when there is enough space between them and if there is traffic jam (like motorcycles do in real world)"
  4. Great idea, having custom text on trailers and maybe also on trucks with some custom standard skin made by the TMP team that allows that, would be amazing and funny, big +1 from me
  5. It's just too good now, with the last update related to the mods support (steam ones and not), it's simply amazing
  6. Contries with extreme weather to make the driving super challenging, like for example the african desert or the snow of alaska
  7. I personally use the XBOX ONE controller because i don't have enough space to fit the wheel set up unfortunatly, and i don't like playing with the mouse and keyboard
  8. I hope not, i see enough disasters due to bad judging of the situations with the current speed limit; i can't even imagine what would happen with everybody going 150
  9. The answer it's in your own question -> "many players make that road"
  10. A new economy system, it's what I look forward the most
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