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  1. During the week, i guess mostly in the evenings due the work (as myself), on the weekends i guess when people wake up
  2. For who have a driving license, it's really hard to break the rules, because you should know them very well. I think the majority of people breaking the rules it's due the lack of knowledge of the road rules and a proper on road experience, to reflect in game. But seing that the majority of players are very young, it's expected i guess and understandable. About the the topic question, it's no, because i reflect my real life driving behaviour on the game. Being a simulator, it's something that everybody should do. More fun for us, less work for the team
  3. 1 hour / 1 h and 30 min max a day, not everyday, because of working. In the weekends, the time played on ets2 (tmp) it's pretty similar, except specific events
  4. Nice and interesting to see where this project is leading
  5. I really like the futuristic interiors (new mirrors, dash and gps), also this daf consumes way less fuel than other trucks it seems for me It seems a bit slow maybe (im used to 6 gears, and for now we have only 12-16 gears options), but might me only my impression since i rarely drived with more gears than 6 in ets 2. Btw i think i will drive it for a while
  6. Well the ability to chose it's freedom, even if a player decide to drive that road multiple times, if you like it or not. You are nobody to judge what other wants to do. This is a game, not real life, and money it's not a problem in this game.
  7. I find that simulation 1 it's way more stable than simulation 2, but people get used to join simulation 2 and usually join where it's more popular (cat biting its own tail). Eventually they all will moove back to simulation 1 once simulation 2 will have more problems
  8. Depend a lot of what kind of experience you want to reach in game, having multiple choices it's a great thing to have
  9. There is no competition between this 2 projects. Totally different concepts. Who will benefit are the players, having more choices, but doesn't mean that one exclude the other
  10. Toxicity it's in everygame, just ignore this individuals, they spend their time ruinining the experience of others, how sad is it?
  11. No, because i think that intentionally restricting a player's freedom to drive where he want, it's not a proper way to deal with a problem
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