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  1. In like 2-3 years, depending on the games that i play/will play, could be even in like 4 years, i will upgrade my pc, but currently i don't feel the need to upgrade it, i built it in the 2019, anyway: GPU: RX 580 8gb Ram: 16 GB ddr4 3000 mhz Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600 six core Storage: SSD 250 gb (where game installed) In multiplayer i moslty have, under 30 ms, Main road c-d, average fps 70+ when not very crowded, when jams or when in the busy city, can go under 30 fps very fast, lowest i ever got it's 9 fps in Calais when busy
  2. I know, reality it's hard to accept. If your brothers are the only ones that are on your side, think about it. Maybe you are the problem, and not others.
  3. You could see him from a distance that he was coming out, you had to slow down, you had a lot of time and distance, but you chose to continue at that speed and go on him. The right of way sign means nothing in that situation, it's more of an excuse to not to take the responsibility of your own actions
  4. I'll add one more thing for statistical purposes, i will stop replying because it's enough, but, That number of reports it's the sum of web + in game reports, we can breakdown the number specifically for the web report system load; according to the TMP released numbers, the web reports are in comparison, more or less, a quarter of the total reports made, so we can say that: In total, compared to the 1'250'000 reports made in total as estimate (slighlty less compared to the official numbers) , the web reports are 312'500. A year have 365 days, that mean more or less 856 reports everyday just on the web report system, multiply that number by 3 to figure how many reports are made everyday just on the in game report system, add both to figure everyday how many reports in total are made, Imagine what would happen if they shut down the in game report system or people suddently switch in using the web report system instead the in game one, this would cause a severe bottleneck in the web report system simply because the recources are not enough to cover the load, therefore it is convenient to keep the in game report system available even if the review rate is extremely low, or you would need 3/4 times more the staff that you currently have, I hope this gives you a better idea of the real load,
  5. I mostly honk the horn when i meet other players, and flash the high beams to let drivers in
  6. No, speculating or hating was related to not given evidence when stating that this new reworks created more issues rather than improving anything; if there was some evidence of major issues created by this new changes a part from duisburg wot job wich is not a major issue, i wouldn't claim that, simple, i would have no reasons to do so, Yeah, but that happend after you mocked c-d player base wich i am part of, and i find inappropriate because i don't recognise myself in this description: "TruckersMP team can and likely will continue to waste more of their limited time available and rework the Calais-Duisburg area to please the majority of their (recklessly driving) player base. I just wish they would realize better now than later that when they have achieved what the raging kids loudly demand and eventually everything runs smoothly", but yeah, the purpose of multiplayer however is not to play singleplayer, For sure, but from what you stated: "the minority has the disadvantage and has to bow to the majority", the minority that are the wot players had a little to none disadvantages, a part from the just and only 1 city excluded over the all map and cities avaiable, to make the flow of the majority, flow smoother
  7. Yes, it is, what is "few"? What is this "few" compared to the avaiable recources? If we take the last number of registered users reached by tmp, 4 million in february of 2021, and we exclude the number of new registered users till today, double accounts, people that left etc..., we remain with something like 2,5 million users (ofc not always active), basically the half of the total in the worst case; we keep the proportion i have proposed as example this is the result: Numbers: If for every 20 players there are 2 reckless players, and we have 2,5 million players taken as example, that equal to 250'000 reckless drivers. Big difference from the "few", isn't it? If we want a more realistic number, split that number in half, and we will have 125'000 reckless drivers (that stands for: for every 20 players there is 1 reckless player, the half of reckless drivers); to reach and make 1'250'000 reports (close to the number publicly shared by TMP related to the total number of reports made in one year: 1.387.000) we have that for every 1 reckless driver, 10 reports are made Thus the closest proportion to the numbers publicly shared that reflect the reality, we can say more or less that: for every 20 players there is 1 reckless player, and for every 1 reckless player, 10 reports are made Far from "few". This is an estimate, also the first example was made to help you having an idea of the proportions and numbers, If you didn't understood this simple concept, i hope now you got it what I meant
  8. "Or do you benefit from knowing that prices of groceries have increased also in other countries?" - ofc, it's important for my businness and where i work, i don't know what is the intent of this question. But this need some knowledge and experience in the market and businnes management. Too complex and long to explain to you in a forum. Maybe one day i will get a reason for this statement: "reworks created a fantasy world which raised new issues", the "issues" mentioned it's just not being to use wot in duisburg, that's all the "issues" compared to the benefits on the traffic flow "Comparing a situation with an issue to another situation with an issue doesn't get us anywhere, because it doesn't solve anything." - again, what new issues created the new reworks a part from using wot in duisburg? you can't notice the difference if you never drive there, thus you can't know the hypothetical "new issues", the traffic flow improved a lot, and yes you can compare both of the situations, but only if you have experience on it, if not it's just speculation or hating; also solving does not equal to improving, everybody know that the popular places are impossible to fix and to make them perfect, that's the MMO for you "They are also a part of the community and deserve to be considered the same way as any other player" - i think so, but the benefits clearly outweigh the cons, the only difference for wot players it's one city less over the all map, i don't think they will quit TMP just because the can't deliver in duisburg they can do it still in single player or convoy mode if they really can't resist to deliver or take jobs from/to duisburg, wich is funny just to say this You can't base your decisions on the minority, real life should teach you that, there are always trade-offs, in this case it's pretty fair.
  9. Too much generalization, the workload on their report system it's caused by a minority, not by the majority of players, the majority of players in c-d drives well; you can't know that if you never drive there, this it's just a speculation. For one player causing troubles, there are like 10/20 players reporting the same player, plus tons of useless reports, plus other factors like the activity of staff that influence the load; easy to do the math and figure from where that load comes from.
  10. From every modifications they made on that road, which one created more issues compared to what was before? I would like to know because i'm unaware of them, if there is none it's just hating, If we compare how it was in the past to how it is today, i think you agree aswell that it's another story in the traffic flow, i still remember the old duisburg when it was fully collision and the old intersection, night and day change, so i don't think it's wasted time, using time to improve probably the most popular thing in TMP since years, will be never wasted, you can't ignore it TMP it's a modification after all, so if the "fantasy world" helps things to flow smoother, why not? if the issue it's just wot jobs, also in promods you have issues with wot except vanilla places, but the difference with vanilla map it's that you have issues just with duisburg, wich is a place mainly avoided by "simulation" players, that are the ones that do mostly the wot jobs, Things always gets promoted if they gets popular, don't matter if they are good or bad, that's how it works
  11. This is a terrible idea. You're basically creating a problem by trying to solve a problem, result? an equal or worse problem, that equals to a wasted time and recources used till now. It's currently wiser trying to improve the flow of an unsolvable situation with modifications, rather than create a potentially worse problem that could impact the quality of TMP itself. C-D without being able to report, would create an unimaginable mess; plus removing the modifications to improve the flow, would make it even worse. It feels more like an attempt to sabotage tmp and that road rather than fixing anything. In the best scenario possible, people will choose another "c-d road", result? making this changes to every next road people will switch and choose to drive? At this point better make all TMP a no report zone and good luck to everybody. Players already drive there at their own risk and everybody knows that road, why make it even worse? The majority of players drives good and they drive there to meet a lot of players, have interactions, enjoy the massive traffic, having a different experience that not even single player/convoy mode can give with ai, it's just the minority that create problems. As multiplayers important features, modifications to the map are included, that's a ton of work and testing, plus time to keep it maintained, it's not like you put a new modification and you done forever. Any map modifications must be updated as long with the updates of the game. Whether we like it or not, c-d it's an important part of tmp, among other things many players have joined TMP just thanks to that road that has done a lot of publicity, questionable, but that's how it is; in addition, it keeps many players playing in TMP. To confirm to this, we just need to go and see how many people indicates c-d as the preferred route in the entire game.
  12. Thank you for the follow buddy 😊

  13. Thank you for the follow 🥰

  14. That's obvious. But for the load of traffic and the average speed, proportionately, it requires a lot more attention and experience than anywhere else in the game; also the margin of error cannot be compared to anywhere else in the game. Thus the most challenging road for me.
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